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Chasing Satellites

Chasing Satellites is a Alternative, Rock, Pop band
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Hey Guys, we know we have let this page slip a bit in the past month, but now that we know band of the month is back on, so are we! 

We just finished playing West Fest in Vancouver this past sunday night, with a great roster of local talent, and organized by the incomparable Tina Caldwell.  She works so hard to give musicians and groups like us opportunities to play, and treats them amazingly! Again, big thanks for all the effort she put in to make that show happen.

For us, we have been pushing our new cd like crazy, selling at shows, to friends, to students, and the reception has been amazing, thanks for all those who have and continue to support us.  Right now, the best thing that you guys can do for us is V0TE!!!  We have played the Roxy quite a few times now, and we know that a Fox band of the month showcase would be the best show to date that we would put on there.  Spread the word, vote each day, and keep checking back for updates.  We are finally getting our slow asses on Twitter and Crackbook as well, follow us at #ChaseSatellites, and just regular old Chasing Satellites on Facebook.

Cheers, see ya guys soon!


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corina wrote Aug 10/11
Sweet, welcome back!! :)))

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