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How do you know that the cold weather is actually over and summer is waiting around the corner?

  1. An article appears in either the Sun or the Star about how its only the beginning of June but the Jays are already out of contention.
  2. Brava starts advertising again,
  3.  North By North East Announces their lineup!

NXNE has become an absolute staple in the Toronto summer event series and really has filled the void left by failed summer festivals gone past. Vfest? puke. Wakestock? I can only see metric so many times this year and I would rather hang myself with a towrope.  What about those recent attempts at mini festivals on Toronto Island? HEY! Lets throw 2 bands that some people have heard of on stage and pray that Torontonians are sick enough of being stuck inside that they’ll pay 50 bucks for a ticket to a show that they could see at the horseshoe for half the price and none of the hassle.What about Edgefest? Its crazy that even with all of the rumors of its ultimate demise, it seems to be the only traditional style festival that has any staying power in this city.

So why dont these huge outdoor multi-stage all day festivals seem to work in Toronto? Is it because we dont know how to have fun? Maybe we just dont really like music.

Actually both statements couldnt be further from the truth.

I believe the reason why giant corporate style festivals don’t seem to work here is the same reason why we seem to stop supporting Canadian bands who “make it huge” and go from playing The El Mocambo on a Wednesday to the ACC opening for Bon Jovi. Its not that we don’t support their success, its that we prefer an intimate experience with our favorite bands. Torontonians are the best informed and most passionate music fans in this country and maybe even the world and NXNE gives us the perfect combination of summer weather,organized professional feel and the intimacy that we crave as music fans.

below are some of the highlights that you MUST check out during this years festival:

Wednesday June 15

Dave Hause and Chuck Raegan at The El Mocambo *************DO NOT MISS THIS

Thursday June 16

Anagram and Fucked Up At Wrongbar***maybe one of the craziest sets you will ever see these two bands basically beat the shit out of themselves on stage.

Sweet Thing at The Rivoli

Friday June 17

JADEA KELLY at The Dakota************* Best of the Fest Pick.

Bouncing Souls at The Phoenix Concert Theater

C’Mon at The Horseshoe

Fast Romantics at The El Mocambo

Saturday June 18th

HOT WATER MUSIC at The Opera House******This is probably the highlight of the festival.

Gentlemen Husbands and The Coppertone at The El Mocambo

But don’t just listen to me. The beauty of North By North East is discovering bands that you would have otherwise never seen or heard of. Go out and explore!

You can find wristbands and a full lineup/schedule here.

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