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Eleven Past One

Eleven Past One is a Pop, Rock band from Bowmanville, ON


Eleven Past One is a Rock/Pop band from the small town of Bowmanville, forty minutes east of Toronto. Their sound is a unique blend of rock and pop; the music being more on the rock side, and melodies on the pop side. Made up of three brothers and two lifelong childhood friends, they have a long heritage together. Daniel, Stephen and Joey Richter are the brothers in Eleven Past One. They come from... a very musical family of eight, and have been playing music since early childhood. Starting out classically, all three of them have accomplished so much and are trained on a wide variety of instruments. Eleven Past One started to form in early 2007 as Stephen and Steve began jamming and writing songs after meeting through a high school fire alarm outside the school parking lot. At that time, Daniel had also been writing songs as a solo artist. Daniel got together with Stephen and Steve and they threw their first few songs together in a short period of time. The three of them have been the main writers of the band, collaborating to create their catchy sound. At this point, the band formed but still needed a bass player. In late 2007, Eleven Past One was invited to play in Los Angeles. Not caring that they didn’t have a bass player, they packed their bags and flew down. After playing several of their first shows in Los Angeles, Eleven Past One realized this is what they wanted to do for the rest of their lives. They came back to Canada pumped and began seriously writing. In 2008, Nathan Miema, who went to grade school with Stephen, was approached by the band and decided to begin playing bass guitar for the band. Eleven Past One recorded a variety of demos but nothing professional. In February of 2009 they hit the open road in pursuit of their dreams for just about six months. Touring the United States in a 30 foot camper, they went through a lot of low points but always stayed positive. They never gave up and it paid off. Sticking it out on the road, they met the right people. In 2009, with the help of their investor they met in Florida along the way, they spent three months in North Hollywood recording their debut, eleven track album with a top American producer, Dean Dichoso. The album is called “The Ultimate Catch”. Playing the odd show while living in LA, they caught the attention of A&R representative Eric Clinger, who has worked with Hollywood Records, Universal, and other major labels. Eric quickly became their manager. Eleven Past One has amazing opportunities right now and are very excited and thankful for all that has happened while living on the road. In late 2009, Joey Richter was added to the band, becoming the new bassist, promoting Nathan to the second guitarist. Currently, they are in Canada playing shows, waiting for their album to be released, and are eager to start touring! Eleven Past One is taking off and can't wait for the long, exciting road ahead!



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