My band has made it when...

And the Winner is …

And the Winner is … Ruskin Arms!!! Last week’s Supernova show wowed hundreds of fans as a set of mostly new bands to the roster performed for yet another packed show at the Kathedral. It was a concert highlighted by not only rap, rock, metal and punk bands exclusively, but there was also a lot of blending between these genres. One of the two hip hop groups of the evening was The Young Entrepreneurs. Their urban sounds won the group second place aka four hours recording time at Machinehead Studios. Anyone who caught the band Entropy’s set was definitely in for some intense metal tunes. And as you can probably tell from the pictures below, their stage show was highly energetic and as impressive as their actual sound. Likewise (who some of you may know as Upper Class Trailer Trash) is always up for playing some great covers, which this week included the newly released Nirvana song, ‘You Know You’re Right’. Ironically the phrase ‘last but not least’ holds especially true for this show, since the last band on, Ruskin Arms, grabbed a lot of attention with their performance, and took home first place. Thanks goes out to all the bands who performed passionately and ignited the audience with their loud and often electrifying music. To me this proved that while albums are great, there is still nothing better than live music, the real thing. But until we get a chance to check out these bands at their next show, download some of their MP3’s, such as Entropy’s ‘Bleek‘.

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