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Supernova and Corus Entertainment Launch Online Platforms for Independent Music Recommendation to Radio

Supernova Interactive has teamed with Corus Interactive & Integrated Solutions, Corus Radio’s interactive arm, to produce the first ever integrated social networks with a mandate to recommend new independent music for play on Corus Radio’s new music stations.

As the creators of, the original social network dedicated to the indie music community, Supernova Interactive is responsible for the development and implementation of the new FOX Vancouver Seeds talent search platform in Vancouver, and powered this year’s Power 97 River City Rocks platform in Winnipeg. These powerful social media platforms, yielding up to 1 million page views/month, have now evolved into two ‘radio social networks’ that offer users the opportunity to recommend independent music to radio.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Supernova on the integration of a music-based social media platform with our websites,” said David Huszar, Vice President and General Manager, CIIS, Corus Entertainment. “This will serve local communities by providing new music fans a place to listen, share and support their local music scene and emerging artists by offering them opportunities to expose their music to a larger audience through our websites and airwaves.”

With the planned launch of five new independent music communities across Canada, any local genre-appropriate independent artist can promote their music to radio. Listeners can also directly affect which independent artists are potentially featured on radio, by engaging with the band’s profile, media, and music on the network. This is building on the original social element of radio; what used to be a direct DJ to listener relationship has been modified to include the artist and the entire online community; who in turn will help grow the Station’s audience via sharing. Artists need only tap in to this free community in order to promote their music to radio.

“For the bands, online community helps keep radio relevant and even instrumental in local music discovery and promotion,” explains Elliott Hurst, CEO at Supernova Interactive. “By having an online platform through which local bands can promote themselves, music programmers can carefully hand pick the best crowd-sourced music to play on air; then radio again becomes the lynchpin in emerging artist development.”

Supernova Interactive is proud to be part of this revolutionary shift in new music recommendation, and to have Corus Interactive & Integrated as a partner in presenting independent artists with new ways to expose their music and promote their talent to commercial radio.

About Supernova Interactive:
Supernova Interactive combines music and social media to create the largest multichannel promotional network of independent artists and fans in North America. For 18 years, Supernova has been delivering live music experiences across Canada & the US, while developing a white-label MyCommunity Platform to leverage independent talent and activate fans. Social media, music, events and contesting services are turnkey and 100% hosted and managed for clients. Supported by their in house and expert team, Supernova Interactive creates meaningful experiences which help clients to drive customer loyalty, consumer awareness, and sales revenues.

For more information, visit Supernova Interactive or go to to experience the platform in action.

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Supernova Interactive
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