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Winner of Rogers Battle of the Bands® Grand Prize

Supernova fans watched with excitement this past week as 12 Canada's most popular new Bands fought to win their vote in the Rogers Battle of the Bands® powered by urMusic. The National Vote saw over 4,000 of our listeners cast their opinion on who should take home the grand prize: $2,500 cash and a massive urMusic promotion!

Featuring amazing talent in metal, rock, punk and alt genres, each of Supernova's 12 finalists came, played, and conquered their local stage. Each of the finalists has already taken home $1,000 cash and urMusic promotion to over 500,000 new music fans a month... but these bands all wanted the title of Grand Prize winner in the Rogers Battle of the Bands®.

After a fierce fan vote and a lot of fantastic promotion by the artists, Supernova is very pleased to announce Good for Grapes as the Winner of Rogers Battle of the Bands® Grand Prize: including $2,500 cash and a massive promotion on urMusic!

Good for Grapes

This 5-piece folk house combines musical talent with creative composition, and in their own words, " We love making music, and playing it wherever possible (yes, we have stories) Starting only 6 months ago, we're starting to get some real attention..." and with this win, the young Vancouver band is sure to go even farther.

We'll be sitting down for an interview with the band soon, but in the meantime congratulations to all 12 finalists in the Rogers Battle of the Bands® and especially to the Grand Prize winners Good for Grapes, who take home $2,500 and a urMusic promotion!


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