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Introducing Crutch

Crutch is a metal, rock band from St. Catharines, Ontario who recently decided to take their music to the next level. Mixing influences like System of a Down, Slayer, and Breaking Benjamin, Crutch strives to perform powerful, emotionally driven, intelligent rock. Without overthinking their music, they have created a mature and well-developed original style that audiences absolutely love to hear & see live.

Crutch first hit the Supernova stage as part of the Road to CMW series seeking bands to perform at Canadian Music Week. With their killer performance, the band earned themselves the showcase gig at the Hard Rock and a major opportunity to make an impression on industry at CMW 2012. Crutch returned for another major performance at HYSTERIA at the end of January and were once again among the most popular bands to hit the stage.

As Crutch prepares to play the Hard Rock for CMW this March, we took the opportunity to get to know the band in a short interview. Since this is definitely one of the up and coming acts to watch at Canadian Music Week, now is the perfect time to meet these young metal musicians.

Introducing Crutch:

Sharkey - Lead Vocals

Marsh - Guitars / Vocals

J Blaize - Guitars / Vocals

Stingray - Bass / Vocals

Peej - Drums

So what got you where you stand as a band today?

Marsh: The band started out as a cover project in 2009, we played around the Niagara area playing mostly covers with a couple of original songs mixed in to try and get a feel for the market in our area. In January 2011 we decided that we wanted to get more serious about our own music and decided it was best to seek out a dedicated front man to help take Crutch to the next level.

We found an ad that Sharkey had posted on one of the local message boards; with Sharkey on board performing all the lead vocals for the band we finally started to make serious headway with writing and composing new material. We played shows opening for more established bands in the area until September/October 2011 when we had a serious overhaul and lineup change replacing our Drummer and Bassist with Peej (drums) and Stingray (bass).

Band: We feel we have gotten as far as we have as a band today from pure dedication to our music and our determination to make our mark or stamp in music history. Our fan support is second to none, they are part of the reason why we are where we are today.

How would you describe your sound?

Jblaize: Mutt Rock. A collaboration of styles mixed into a thick stew with the rich aroma of rock and metal being prominent.

What's the best thing about being in this band?

Band: The rewarding feeling of creating something from nothing and having the honor of sharing the stage with some great talent as well as playing in a band with guys that you actually like. It's so much easier when you are having fun and enjoying what you are doing with no ego's or b.s.

What the most surprising thing you’ve learned since starting the band?

Band: How hard it really is to get noticed, build a fanbase, and just generally get your music out there.

How did you find

Marsh: I'm not sure about the other guys but myself I seen a Facebook status from another local musician talking about the website and the opportunities they provide. As for what I would tell others about Supernova? Give it shot! You will be surprised how much they can really do for you.

What is the hardest thing about being a ‘new’ artist these days?

Stingray: Getting Fans to notice our music....standing out among other bands.

Marsh: You have to constantly hustle your ass off for opportunities, making sure you are in that right place at that right time, and getting used to rejection.

J Blaize: It is a struggle to find lots of new venues to expand our fan base. It is is also very difficult due to not getting paid.

Do you have a ‘recipe’ for putting on a good show?

J Blaize: High energy, connect with the audience! Most bands just play and look at their instrument. It is important to establish eye contact with the audience and get a feel for how they are recieving you. It makes the audience part of the show. A band needs to acknowledge the people during the performance.

Great advice. What do you look for in a fan?

Band: People that are crazy like us. People with a creative, rebellious nature. We want to see your hands in the air!!!

Do you have any mentors, as musicians?

Band: With the plethora of styles we mash into our music there really is no way to actually mention only one or two. Blaize loves bands like System of a Down and Tool while Marsh is partial to the big four (Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, Megadeth), and Sharkey is into the newer wave of hard rock bands like Breaking Benjamin. The band even likes some hip hop artists so everything we listen to is kinda reflected in our music.

J Blaize: Support local music!!

Anything else a new listener ought to know?

Band: Blaize likes to set himself on fire.. does that count? lol

Marsh: We try our best to make each and every show we do special for our fans, and hopefully win over a few new ones along the way. If we tell you everything, then we have nothing to make you say "did you just see that?" next time you are out to see us.

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Don't miss your opportunity to see Crutch LIVE as they play the Toronto Hard Rock on March 25th as part of Canadian Music Week!


Crutch plays the Hard Rock Cafe SATURDAY MARCH 24th @ 9:40pm NOT March 25th
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