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Introducing Renegauge

Renegauge is a hard rock/progressive band from Woodstock and Plattsville, Ontario..

Renegauge hit the Supernova stage in March of 2012 for Band on the Run. They rocked The Chrysalids Theatre and ran away with second place after bringing in a huge crowd and wowing the audience and the judges!
Please introduce us to Renegaugel:

  • Nick Lyon - Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar
  • Matt Babineau - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
  • Justin Ryder - Bass Guitar
  • Kieran Weigel - Drums and Percussion

    What brought you guys together as a band?

    One of our teachers introduced Nick and I and we went on to win our school's battle of the bands in 2010 with Justin's help and our old drummer. We found Kieran about a year later when we were on the brink of calling it quits. So in many ways, Kieran revived the band.

    How long have you been playing together with the current lineup?

    It will be a year in August that we have been a full, strong lineup.

    If I was to put you on the spot and ask you to define your genre, what would you call it?

    Progressive Rock with Metal Elements

    Do you have any major artistic influences?

    Yes, quite a few: Megadeth, Dream Theater, Opeth, Avenged Sevenfold and one more would have to be, Metallica.

    What is the most rewarding thing about being in a band?

    The most rewarding thing about us being a band is the energy the people give back when we are playing live. If you give the energy to the people, you are definitely bound to get it back.

    What is the hardest part about being in a band?

    The hardest part about being in a band is receiving bad press. Any press is good press, but we hate negative press.

    How did you come across and what would you tell other bands about Supernova?

    We were told by a drummer in another band who was in the Supernova show and wanted us in the show. We tell people about the benefits in playing Supernova shows. They are some of the friendliest people we've worked with.

    Do you have a motto or recipe foir putting on a good show?

    We all talk among each other, get the setlists ready for the stage. Matt usually takes an hour or so to warm-up with the metronome. Kieran does his stick and feet exercises. Some times Nick and Matt warm-up with a song or two.

    What is your most memorable moment thus far as a band?

    Our most memorable moment is every show and practice we have.

    If you had your way, where would you be in 2 years?

    If we had it our way, we would be playing the Budokan every night for the rest of our lives.

    In closing, is there anything else that makes your band unique that new listeners should know?

    We are the band that you want on your iPod. We are an all-around, tight rock band with many progressive elements. We have our soft songs, we have our rock songs, then we have our evil songs.

    -- -- -- -- --

    In today's day and age there are a lot of hard rock and metal bands that actually are just making a lot of noise on stage and trying to be an "image" rather than a musician. I can honestly say after meeting Renegauge that they do not fit that mold. They put on one hell of a show, they are a great group of guys and in my personal opinion, they have the drive, talent and determination to go anywhere that they want with their music.


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