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Introducing: The S.I.N.

The S.I.N. is a Hard Rock & Acoustic rock band from Edmonton, AB.

The band just recently dropped a new single which you can purchase here. They will also be tearing up the stage on December 13th at the Pawn Shop. You don’t want to miss it!

Please introduce us to The S.I.N.:

  • Will Milano – Lead vocals and guitar
  • Derek “Diamond D” Scharbiak – Backup vocals and drums
  • Michael Stafford – backup vocals, bass

    How did you get your stage name?

    The band started as a “project” band by Will Milano, releasing previous music and full length album The Tales of Rosewood Spruce, collaborating with a series of writers across Canada. Diamond D joined THE S.I.N. in early 2011. After hard times maintaining a bassist, Michael Stafford dominated the position in January 2012.

    The name is an abbreviation, a metaphor, and hypocrisy.

    How long have you been playing together with the current lineup?

    The current (and permanent) lineup has been together since January 2012

    If I was to put you on the spot and ask you to define your genre, what would you call it?

    Psychedelic Anthem Grind

    Do you have any major artistic influences?

    WILL: David Gilmour, Alice In Chains, Frank Zappa, The Who, Danzig, Kiss, Alice Cooper, Pearl Jam, The Ramones, Bill Withers, Headstones, The Doors, etc.

    D: Lars Ulrich, Bill Ward, John Bonham, Motley Crue, Pat Benatar, Tesla, Steve Miller, Alice In Chains, etc.

    MICHAEL: The Doors, The Cult, The Tea Party, The Headstones, The Ramones, The Sisters of Mercy. Apparently I like bands that start with "The", etc.

    What is the most rewarding thing about being in a band?

    Connecting as a band on a piece of music, then taking it to the audience and seeing/feeling their reaction.

    What is the hardest part about being in a band?
    The anticipation before a show and that everything will happen as planned.

    Do you have a motto or recipe for putting on a good show?

    THE S.I.N. has our own “secret” handshake which can involve 2+ people at once. Only members of the band know and use this, though our band Tech, Brandon Sonier has participated as he is an essential member in maintaining our live integrity.

    What is your most memorable moment thus far as a band?

    Receiving a phone call asking us to play a show with Danko Jones, and recording with producer Phil Anderson.

    What is the funniest story/strangest experience that you have had as a band?

    We were headlining a show in the spring 2012 - a festival and a pig roast – the full carcass ended up beside Diamond D on stage during our performance, looked terrible and smelled worst.

    If you had your way, where would you be in 2 years?

    In 2 years, we would like to be signed and (release) at least a 3rd album into the band’s career (currently working on 2nd album). Success is always the key element.

    In closing, is there anything else that makes your band unique that new listeners should know?

    If you like all the great, dark, trippy, groovy music found from the 60s to the 90s, you will love us!.

    To keep up with the band, check them out on their official site The S.I.N.

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