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Introducing Samerez

Samerez is a rock band from Vancouver, BC.

They will be releasing a new EP in 2013, make sure you check out their Facebook for updates on its release and the recording sessions.

Please introduce us to Samerez:

  • Scott Kayley - Drums
  • Vito Petrelli – Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
  • Harrison Shaw – Lead Guitar and Vocals
  • Alex Stanton – Bass and Vocals

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    How did you get your stage name?

    We wanted a band name that was as original as possible, while at the same time being memorable and eliciting intrigue. But really, we based the name off of one of our on and off high school gym substitute teacher. The four of us have all been very good friends since we were kids, and a love of playing our favorite tunes combined with the dream of making a career out of doing what we love brought us together.

    How long have you been playing together with the current lineup?

    We have been together for about a year.

    The four of us have all been very good friends since we were kidsand a love of playing our favorite tunes combined with the dream of making a career out of doing what we love brought us together.

    If I was to put you on the spot and ask you to define your genre, what would you call it?

    An alternative to rock, but not alternative rock

    Do you have any major artistic influences?

    We try to take influences from all corners and genres of music, from rock and roll to jazz and a bit of reggae for good measure. Our main idols include Metallica, Kyuss, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, Velvet Revolver, Black Sabbath, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Charles Mingus and Tool.

    What is the most rewarding thing about being in a band?

    Seeing the crowd listen and react to the music you’re playing. There aren’t many things more satisfying than building a piece of art and witnessing people appreciate it.

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    What is the hardest part about being in a band?

    Laying off the smoke and getting down to business.

    How did you come across and what would you tell other artists about Supernova?

    We found the site through The Fox. We’d tell other bands that Supernova can be a good way to set you up with shows at great venues all over Vancouver and expand your fan base.

    Do you have a motto or tradition for putting on a good show?

    Aside from hours of practice and a few beverages before the show, we get together and brainstorm ideas for the set. It’s all about making the crowd and ourselves happy

    What is your most memorable moment thus far as a band?

    Our first gig at the Railway Club, with the excitement of being on a stage downtown for the first time combined with the positive feedback from the crowd, is a night none of us will forget.

    What is the funniest story/strangest experience that you have had as a band?

    We went out for a “walk”, and we came back to our jam space only to find the door open and all of our gear either misplaced or flat out missing. Understandably, not exactly being in a clear state of mind at that moment, we were a little taken aback. We found out it was Vitos parents playing a very mean prank on us and that our gear was all accounted for.

    If you had your way, where would you be in 2 years?

    We’d have a number one album and be mid-world tour playing Wembley Stadium in good ol’ London, England.

    In closing, is there anything else that makes your band unique that new listeners should know?

    The musical tastes of each band member are extremely varied, but the chemistry is there in spades. Instead of stepping on each other’s toes trying to pigeonhole ourselves into a particular genre, we let all of our musical ideas flow and combine all of our influences to make music that takes a page from genres that are known and loved, while adding our own creative flavor to create the Samerez sound.

    For more information on the band make sure you check out their Facebook page.

    For some live videos make sure to visit their Youtube

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