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November 9th Kathedral Show

It's always great to hear bands performing their own, original songs, sometimes performing covers can add the finishing touch to a great set. You can definitly tell when a cover is in the works, the fans go crazy when they hear those opening riffs and recognize the song. On the other hand sometimes bands can butcher what might have been a classic by your favorite artist. Thankfully that did not happen at this show. While I don't have enough space, or time to write down every cover performed at this show (the list is lengthy), I will mention a few that I thought were performed exceptionally well. The first was performed by the band Toxic Culture, along with their special guest Chris (singer of Deterrence). Chris paired up with Varty on vocals, as they performed the System of a Down cover, Sugar. Another great rendition of a cover was brought to us by the band Spin Trip, who closed their show with the sic Slipknot song…Sic. By far the most originally altered cover of the night was brought to us by Tripshot. How they could take a mellow, alternative song like the Counting Crow's Mr. Jones, and turn it into a punk song, I don't know. What is even more unbelievable is that it worked; it sounded incredible. And of course we can't forget the guys from Nimbus. This band covered everyone from Fingereleven to Incubus, but captured both the sounds that make these bands so great to begin with, plus added their own style to the mix. But the two covers that I personally enjoyed the best by these guys - The Warmth (Incubus) and Killing in the Name (RATM). But enough about the great covers of the night, here's what everyone wants to know, the winners! Second place was awarded to a band that drove many a mile to play with us at the Kathedral (3 hours to be exact), Tripshot. And first place went to the hip-hop group of the night, Track Dirtyaz. Congratulations to these bands, and thank you to all.

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