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November 16th Kathedral show

November 16, 2002 Black and blue…the theme colors of the evening. I’m assuming this because of the mayhem that took place at the front of the stage, throughout the entirety of the show. The colors of bruises that have now taken form on many of the bodies of the relentless fans who despite injury and exhaustion in the pit, could not force themselves to leave. A few of the bands to keep the fans of their toes were the all-girl alternative band X Marks the Spot, punk band The Atomic Drops and of course the always popular rock band Metal Fuse. A big thanks also goes out to bands like Burn, who kept their energy up and their performance intense throughout the duration of their set. Obviously, the winners of the night created not only a stir among the audience, but the judge found their music appealing as well, enough so that he pronounced them the two top bands of the show. The first band to perform, Nemesys, took home to Ottawa the second place prize. While first place went to truly the most unique band of the evening, Down With Webster. With the traditional bass, guitar and drum ensemble, this funk group also included two vocalists and that infamous member of the brass family - the saxophone, to create a sound quite their own. In fact to call them a funk band is a bit limiting, since they also combine elements of rock, hip-hop, and almost every other genre of music you can think of. Great job everyone, thanks for another terrific show. *** If you have any pictures from the show that you would like posted on the site, please email them to

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