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The competition at the September 27th Kathedral show was fierce! Okay, there was punk, there was metal, rock and alternative. We even had a beat boxer (Rick Lawrence aka Skratch Cat) at this show, who I’ve got to say was amazing! How can he get those beats coming out of his mouth? Strange, but very cool… David Porteous also brought us a unique style of alternative music, playing solo with just his acoustic guitar. I also want to thank all the punk bands that played the show tonight, the crowd was defiantly into it! Last In Line and 9D Kwick had the club moving. There was no use trying to get to the front of the stage during these two sets, it was too jam packed with fans, jumping and diving in every direction. But not only were the punk fans going crazy, when the metal band Pounded Faceless hit the stage, the same situation occurred…fans freaking out! Especially during those Cannibal Corpse covers. As for the winners of the evening, second place went to Unlikely…whose t-shirts and stickers could be spotted on almost every other person in the club. Their sound was amazing, and as for their stage performance, unbelievable!!!! First place was awarded to Mary 5E, whose rock music had a unique vocal style, brought to us by their female singer. A big thanks also goes out to Rudely Awakened - who combined fun, punk songs with a few slower tunes, Sinic - a trio with great instrumental songs and some with vocals as well, and Spearhed - a metal band from London, Cambridge, just about everywhere. A Grill - amazing Nirvana cover! Last but not least, a BIG THANK YOU to Victimless Casualty and Half Assed, who despite many bus problems (including losing transportation for half their band members), managed to arrive in the nic of time and plunge on stage to do two amazing sets. Until next time…

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