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The Largest Kathedral Show in Supernova History!

It was a tight squeeze in the Kathedral the other night to say the least! Throughout the course of the night there were over 700 people in the club, making this the biggest Kathedral show in Supernova history! And it was all thanks to the good ol' bands that once again, proved that the indie scene here in Toronto is live and well. One of the many bands to play the show was Calico. These guys hail from Maple but their fan base seems to be expanding at a huge rate. They played their set, yet no one had had enough of these guys, ... and then the chants began. It was so amazing to hear ‘Calico’ being chanted over and over by fans who could just not get enough of these guys, must have been a great feeling. Iron Flail started off with a impressive rendition of the Nickleback cover, 'Never Again' and ended with Creed's 'Higher' , while performing originals throughout the rest of their set. Their performance grabbed them first place and 16 hours recording time. What makes them special enough to take home first place you may ask? Well not only was the music tight, but the combination of music with the singer’s vocals was just the entire package, virtually flawless. Second place was given to a harder sounding band, Stye. Their fast and furious style definitely keep the club pumping and the fans energetic. Not only was their music good, but it had real substance - which is especially noteworthy considering some of the music of today. I don’t think anyone will forget the band Idol (some of you may recognize a few former members of Wench Bench). The guitarist was sporting nothing but a loin cloth, some mud, and a smile. If that doesn't grab your attention I don't know what will! For those of us who were expecting some of the more mellow sounds of Wench Bench, we were definitely in for a shock (but a good one). Their set was extremely heavy and extremely intense, while keeping the harmonies and melodies there as well. I seem to see a pattern emerging, Calico - guys, Iron Flail - guys….where’s the girls! Let's not assume only guys can play music, and the next band will help prove this notion. The Pink Crayons were an all girl trio whose performance had the crowd just as loud and full of life as any of the other bands. Girls rock! While unfortunately there is not enough time now to mention all the bands of the show, check out the list of bands that played and have a listen to their mp3’s. You might not know about all of these bands, but you should!

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