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New Blood Playing the Opera House!

While the Opera House is definitely no stranger to hosting some of Supernova's finest shows, anyone that saw the line-up last Friday was in for a definite treat. It was a very long night, running from 5 p.m. to after midnight, but from the first song of Abreaction until the last of Deferent's set, each band kept the crowd going. First of all I want to thank the band Fuscia for coming out to play the show with us. Although these guys are veterans to the Supernova roster, they still put forth an amazing effort while performing, and know how to constantly keep their fans (and all the other people in the club) happy. Now onto the winners... Deterrence snatched up first place, these guys are sic! While they can be broadly described as a hardcore band, their music is a bit unexplainable, sounding far different from most of the other stuff out there right now. But obviously their style has caught on, since the floor level of the club was jammed packed with fans; flailing arms and legs and bodies killing each other in the pit. It was wicked! 'Bastard Son'! The next band to place was Wildcard, who took home second prize. Going on straight after Deterrence their sound was definitely unlike the previous band, leaning more towards pure rock music. However they too proved they have what it takes not only to the judges, but to their many fans. While a big thanks goes out to all the bands involved in this show, there are a few special bands that need to be mentioned. One Second Too Late - you Punk kids are crazy lads aren't you? The floor was definitely moving when you guys were on stage! Minus 2 - that goes out to you guys as well! Deferent - despite going on late you guys still had massive energy on stage, you sounded great and it was very nice to end the show with such a great band. Lastly I want to thank three very unique bands in this show: Patientzero - an electronic group that showed everyone there's more great music out there than just the 'usual' Supernova stuff, Decypher - awesome funk-ish sounding music, and the afros were great! And lastly Stikfiger - violence...I think that's all that needs to be said. Finally, what show can be complete without the amazing fans who time and time again come out to support the local indie scene. From the 19+ fans chillin with a beer upstairs in the balcony, to the younger kids downstairs, thanks again for coming out. And a big thanks to those troublemaking punks trashing around in the pit! All I could see was this huge circle where fans were launching, spinning, and beating each other, going crazy and having fun. You guys definitely made this show!!! Until next time, keep these awesome memories fresh in your mind, and good luck surviving the next show! * Stay tuned for pictures of the show! If you have any pictures that you would like posted please email me at

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