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First Opera House Show of the Season!

Some say the Opera House is perhaps the most well known club in Toronto, known worldwide for hosting events by performers such as The Offspring, Finger Eleven & Nirvana, to name a few. And last Friday this venue opened their doors once again, to host another Supernova Battle of the Bands. A much anticipated event, this was the first Supernova/Opera House show for several months, having taken a break during the summer season. After weeks of preparation by bands, the night finally arrived, and the music began. While the show was a festival of sorts, it was competition as well, and three bands walked away with recording time. The third place winners of the evening went to a band who traveled the whole way from Listowel to play, 7th CROSS. Second place was rewarded to an incredible hard core band, MINDSHOT. After only playing two shows with Supernova, these guys have defiantly impressed everyone who have had the opportunity to hear their sound. And the first place winners of the night went hands down to the band AS JUSTIFIED, who not only sounded amazing, but also put on an intense stage show. They got the entire crowd to the front of the stage, moshing, and showing their support. And luckily they completed the artwork on their demo just in time for the show, because after their set everyone wanted a copy. While all of the bands who performed did a very impressive job, a special mention goes out to The Contradicts, Metal Fuse and Toxic Culture. This show defiantly proved that the Opera House is an electrifying place to discover the talent of indie bands, and the new music of tomorrow.

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