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Out of the Garage Series
The Modern Exchange

Gone Awry

Gone Awry is a Alternative band


Gone Awry Livonia, MI’s Gone Awry has done anything but that. The band’s career direction is the opposite of its career name. This group is one the way up with its infectious pop punk stylings. Hooky, bright, energetic and in-your-face (not to mention jam-packed with enough entertainment value to fill a music store), Gone Awry is the big new blast of music to revitalize rock and roll. Sometimes punk is dark and nihilistic. But sometimes it’s about positivity. Such is the case with Gone Awry. Even if they’re tackling a hard subject, the music finds a way to uplift. Music calls to the members of Gone Awry, inspiring happiness, energy and optimism. Gone Awry brings this same sense of brightness and vigor to its music, fueling listeners with tons of buzz to get up, get moving and enjoy life. Gone Awry writes music that satisfies Gone Awry. It must pass their test first. From there, it is up to the fans to embrace. And they will. “We make music for us and hope other people can relate, enjoy and sing along to it.” That’s a given. There’s no way you can resist shouting out the words along with the band as this addictive music plays. And you’ll have no problem learning the words because you’ll play this music over and over and over again. Get ready … The entire spectrum of musical flavors brings the muse to Gone Awry’s membership, who say they are inspired by “any and all types of music.” Open minds and creative freedom are hallmarks of the songwriting process for this group. Gone Awry’s powerful musical punch has led to Gone Awry opening for the likes of The Fold, Chasing Victory, House of Heroes, Test Your Reflex and The Junior Varsity and the group has played such major Detroit venues as St. Andrew’s, The Shelter, The Emerald Ballroom, Alvins and Clutch Cargo’s. The band is “constantly playing shows.” The band is looking to tour in 2007. Writing is also a constant and the band’s second album – “Nothing Ever Lasts” – is completed. Early in 2007, fans can get another fix of Gone Awry’s signature sound. Until then, hit the shows! Check out this video: Recording Balls

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StrandedAirwaves wrote Aug 28/08
great songs great stuff

goneawryrocks wrote to Jun 28/08
We'd love to make the trip almost anytime! if you have any shows that you want some detroit flavor, please keep us in mind and let us know and we'll do EVERYTHING in our power to make it out! We are serious about out music and making it fun, and whats more fun than a road trip! Actually check out our video on our page of one of our road trips to record some songs over a weekend to help out a friend!

goneawryrocks wrote to Jun 23/08
Well if you want it live just help us book a show in good ole canada!

goneawryrocks wrote to Elliott Jun 20/08
Any suggestions on any up and coming producers that really want to work with a DIY band such as us? We're always looking for that edge and to get more notice and exposure!

goneawryrocks wrote to Sushi Jun 20/08
Come over and check us out and let us know what you think!

Elliott wrote Jun 19/08
Hey guys, I just noticed I didn't reply to your comment, so better late than never! I reviewed the first song, I like the direction you guys are going in. I see good dedication and some attention paid to your image as a band. My recommendation would be to craft a more memorable thumbnail picture, either a strong live shot that's a close up or a good logo/wordmark of the band name. The music is good, I think you guys would benefit from a good producer in the genre to tighten some things up. Thanks for the comment, sorry again for the late reply!

goneawryrocks wrote to Just-Sheldon Jun 17/08
Sheldon, what time is the meeting at Alvins to pick up tickets? Also will aaron be running this show?

goneawryrocks wrote to Just-Sheldon Jun 13/08
well if you can make it down, first drink(s) are on us! We'll treat you to a taste of the real detroit. Thanks for adding us to your playlist, we will slowly take over all the staffs playlists... help us conquer your office!

garrett and the rest of GA

Just-Sheldon wrote Jun 11/08
Hey guys, I like the good attitude going into the show. I'm trying to convince the boss here to send me down to some of the city finals show in the states, so cross your fingers for me

goneawryrocks wrote to Just-Sheldon Jun 11/08
Gone Awry saying whats up in the great north. We are pumped to rock alvins off it's foundation, and walk away with the prize... will you be headed to the great city of Detroit to see where the hardest working bands in the states try and make it in one of the roughest scene's? Take a listen to some more tunes and let us know what you think.

and the rest of GA

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