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HELLO BEAUTIFUL is a Alternative, Punk, Hiphop band from Whitby, ON


The incomparable Hello Beautiful originally formed in 2006, when vocalist/guitarist Cole Martin and guitarist Buddy Taylor, who met at the same high school in Whitby, Ontario decided to form a band. Honing their captivating songwriting and attracting drummer Kevin Walsh, as well as bassist Dan Bradimore, they recorded a few independent recordings. The songs from those recordings managed to reach the attention of a few local labels, and even more so when they started winning every single battle of the bands competition that they entered. There was interest, but there was no instant gratification and after paying many dues in indie punk/hip hop obscurity and many repeated cycles through the east-end club circuit, the M.C. who had come on board providing somewhat of a Hip Hop edge, decided to leave. Charlie Royal, a talented local M.C. who had already heard of their daring style and prowess, decided to get in touch with the band when they sent out a call for auditions. With a brand new chemistry, a new authentic Hip Hop addition, along with their previous knack for crafting memorable songs and danceable, driving rhythms, Hello Beautiful recorded a six-song E.P. in December of 2006 that they self-titled. This recording gave Hello Beautiful a large and loyal following, and they have never looked back, gaining valuable experience as well as a vicious momentum and popularity that keeps on 'snowballing'. Their live show always whips the audience into a frenzy, and as one journalist described them, "...Hello Beautiful is more than a band; they are the epitome of an immovable object hitting an unstoppable force".
With an unprecedented fusion of Punk, Rock, Hip-Hop and occasional Latin flavors, Hello Beautiful has constructed a distinctive and one-of-a-kind sound. At the same time, their unforgettable melodies and clever lyrics completed by multifaceted guitar hooks and solos have also deconstructed today's "in the box" industry thinking with proof that there is nothing wrong with change. Hello Beautiful's coyly crafted, introspective views on their radio single 'Words' tells the story of the obstacles that come with everyday life and the response they would have for the nay-sayers if given the chance. It provides the perfect soundtrack for anyone who has ever tried to overcome an obstacle after or during being told that it was impossible.
With tracks like 'Words' being part of such a diverse catalog of quality music, it is easy to see why and how Hello Beautiful has shared the stage with such acts as Hedley, Faber Drive, Swollen Members, Marianas Trench, ill Scarlett, Econoline Crush, Hot Hot Heat and Juelz Santana to name a few. In April of 2007, Hello Beautiful headed back into the studio to record their full-length debut with the help of Canadian music industry stalwart, Murray Daigle. The outcome was Soundtrack for Scenario, scheduled for a Fall 2007 release and is sure to be, at the very least, a legendary cult classic. Great opportunities always appear for talented bands that put the maximum effort into their craft, and with their emergence as one of the winners of the 2007 Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, Hello Beautiful have been awarded the good fortune of being able to perform at the 13th annual Vans Warped Tour. In the grand scheme of things, who knows what the future will hold for Hello Beautiful, but the quintet is ready to take on the world with their gritty work ethic, a solid dedication to good musicianship and a never-say-die attitude. Hello Beautiful's thought-provoking lyrics and revolutionary musical style are sure to win over any crowd and by the time they leave the stage after a performance riddled with energy and riot-style anthems, you too will be quick to say "Hello Beautiful", where have you been all my life?!


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