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Steph Bosch & the C'mons

Steph Bosch & the C'mons is a Indie, Rock band and looking for More Gigs
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Stupid Charlie Ep

Stupid Charlie is the third release from Toronto-based artist Stephanie Bosch.
This short five-song EP begins with the rockin’ title track, with Bosch coming out strong to deliver a rockabilly anthem that makes you want to sing along even on first listen. Another gem is her arresting version of Marilyn Manson’s hit “Beautiful People.” It’s no easy task to cover such a famous song well, but Bosch accomplishes the feat effortlessly. Based on these two tracks alone, there is no doubt Bosch will finally find her place in the Canadian music scene. Despite these standouts, however, Stupid Charlie lacks the feel of a coherent album, sounding instead like a random collection of really good songs. This leaves it feeling fragmented and unfinished, rather than the sparkling diamond it deserves to be. SD


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