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The Marc Joseph Band

The Marc Joseph Band is a Rock, Alternative, Funk band from Brampton, ON and looking for Band Promotion, join our growing fanbase!! Share!


In four short years, The Marc Joseph Band has grown into one of the top booking bands in the Greater Toronto Area with a loyal fan base. With tour opportunities in Dubai, England, Portugal, the Caribbean, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Vancouver it looks like Toronto won’t be keeping The Marc Joseph Band its coveted entertainment secret for much longer. "Breathe" marks the first original EP release by The Marc Joseph Band. Check out a live show to see what they do best! MARC JOSEPH Marc has lived many places but nowhere feels more like home than centre stage. As the hypnotic front man for the band, Marc Joseph takes on lead vocals thrilling fans through every millisecond of his performances. Coming from a musical family, Marc was surrounded by true musicians from a young age and could quickly recognize talent in others. It all came together in August of 2008 when Marc began hand-picking fellow musicians equally dedicated to being the best and bringing it to the stage night after night. Marc hosted open jams as an outlet to perform original material, laying the foundation of what was to become "The Marc Joseph Band". He’s rocked it out on stage before tens of thousands from a young age and has won countless “Battles of the Bands”. A singer and songwriter, Marc’s influences range from classical to pop and from rock to jazz. His covers are unpredictable as Marc flirts with interpretations, making fans wonder what they ever liked about the original in the first place. DAVID MEFFE David Meffe skillfully masters percussion and creates a tight backbone for The Marc Joseph Band. The Woodbridge Ontario native met Marc in his early music career and it wasn’t long before he became a full time musician for the band. David’s easy listening style comes with complex grooves and solid rhythms that move you thanks to five years of private drum lessons with Ezio Perfetto. David's education includes the prestigious Trebas Institute where he graduated as an audio engineer. David primarily listens to R&B and funk music but he also enjoys rock and pop. His influences range from John Bonham, Levon Helm, Stanton Moore, to his high school music teacher(Enrico Lappano) as well as his first drum teacher(Ezio Perfetto). David credits both of them as being his inspirational mentors. ANDY MELO Andy Melo plays lead guitar for The Marc Joseph Band. Andy originally joined the band as a guest artist doing collaborative song writing on Marc Joseph original material and it wasn’t long before the full-time deal was sealed; as Andy’s incredible musical ability became evident in every show. Andy started playing music at the age of eight on brass instruments. By the age of eleven he had picked up the guitar and attended the Ontario Academy of Music for a short period of time. The Brampton Ontario native says his musical influences span many genres from classical to contemporary; including Led Zeppelin, Dream Theater and The Red Hot Chili Peppers. His guitar influences include Jimi Hendrix as well as local artist, Reno Silva who has been mentoring and providing him guidance with musical direction. DAVE ONGENA Dave Ongena occasionally played solo acoustic sets (guitar/vocals) at Marc Joseph's shows. There was a mutual respect between the two; Marc invited Dave to play bass for The Marc Joseph Band and by 2009 Dave was the full time bassist. Born in Chatham Ontario, Dave has lived all across Canada. His favourite music genre is rock but he also enjoys R&B, funk and pop music. His influences range from 70's to contemporary pop-rock. Dave has received formal bass instruction from local legends and has recorded at several leading studios with various projects. The bass was a natural transition for him, given his dexterity with finger picking styles on the guitar. He is also an accomplished songwriter. ALYSSA DELUREY Alyssa Delurey is the female lead vocalist for The Marc Joseph Band and the last piece of the puzzle, becoming the band's "little sister". Singing since the age of three, Alyssa’s natural vocal ability was apparent as a toddler. This small town Orangeville, Ontario native was performing on a regular circuit in major karaoke venues when Marc Joseph approached her one night in August of 2010 with an offer to audition for female vocals and by October of 2010 she had become a full-time member of The Marc Joseph Band. Alyssa's favourite music genre is country, but she also enjoys listening to various other artists for influence; Michael Jackson and Britney Spears being her idols. She received formal vocal training at the Randolph Academy of Performing Arts and The Royal Conservatory. Her performances include major theme parks such as Paramount Canada's Wonderland.

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Marc Joseph, David Meffe, Andy Melo, Dave Ongena, Alyssa Delurey, James McDonald

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