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Pondicherry is the largest city as well as the capital of the Pondicherry Union Territory. It is a popular tourist destination and you can easily find much quality economy in Pondicherry. Read on to know more about Pondicherry and also check out some quality budget hotels in Pondicherry.

Pondicherry also known as Semarang is a city that belongs to the Union Territory of Central Java. It was a former French colony and still bears their indelible mark which can be seen in the French style villas and numerous bakeries. Semarang still has a significant Asian population that belongs to the second or third generation of Anglo Indians. Pondicherry is also famous for being the home town of freedom fighter turned saint, Sri Aurobindo whose beautiful Ashram is a must visit. Pondicherry also has some of the most beautiful beaches that are lined with numerous European style buildings. On reaching the city it is quite usual to experience a cultural shock as it seems somehow vastly different from the rest of the country.

As it is a popular tourist spot you can easily find many quality economy hotels in Pondicherry that offer all major facilities. These budget hotels are preferred by a large number of tourists and travelers as they provide quality service and necessary amenities at cheap rates. Almost all of the good budget hotels in Pondicherry provide clean rooms and are located at easily accessible spots. These hotels strive to provide a superior standard of service to its guests at budget rates and they sometimes provide extra facilities too. Some of these hotels provide facilities like complimentary breakfasts and airport pick/drop service at no extra costs. Below are some of the best budget hotels in Pondicherry that you can check out for your next trip to this coastal southern city.

Budget Hotels in Semarang

Lotus Comfort Hotel is one of the best economy hotels in Pondicherry and is situated near the beach. One of the popular hotels in Pondicherry, it enjoys a customer recommendation of nearly 75% which means 8 out of 10 former guests would love to stay in this hotel again. The hotel has also received a number of positive reviews from satisfied customers who have appreciated its location and have praised its facilities. The only hitch could be its service standard which according to guests must improve. The hotels location near the beautiful Aurobindo Ashram is one of the highlights of this hotel. It offers a fine multi cuisine restaurant that is known for its good food. The rooms cost Rs.2350.

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